Dj System:

  • OldSkool Synq XTRM-1 Turntables
  • 2x Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3
  • 1x DJM 800
  • 1x Sennheiser HD25

Production System:

  • Logic 9.1.1.
  • Waves
  • URS
  • Trilian
  • Nexus
  • Jupiter8
  • Korg Analog & Digital

Recording Gear:

  • iMac 27″ i7
  • 1x M-Audio Firewire1814
  • 1x Yamaha MG 12/4
  • 1x Rode NT1-A
  • 1x Shure SM58

Other Gear:

  • 2x Tannoy Reveal Active Monitoring
  • 2x KRK VXT 8 Active Monitoring
  • 1x TC Electronic Powercore Firewire with Access Virus Plugin (DSP EQ/SYNTH/MASTERING)
  • 1x Korg Triton LE (Master Keyboard)

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