Axwell & Dirty South – Open your heart

Axwell and Dirty South have managed to make a great tune. Probably a summer bomb in the ibiza-like party scene and a semi-bomb afterwards in all the other regular party scenes. The track hits me with it’s special sound through the record, a nice break and a typical axwell beat after the break.

Just close your eyes, open your heart and let the vibe go right into your vaines. It’s worth it!

Lys – Speechless

However it takes a lot of time before it get’s to the break i’ve bought this track especially for this break. A summer piano-like break with some easy chords but it sounds nice.  Spinnin’ this part indeed gets me speechless.

The other parts of the track are quite standard electro-house. A typical uplifting high tune with a nice beat; i like it.

Meck ft. Dino – So Strong

“And it feels so strong, when nothing goes wrong.” That’s nothing but the truth when organising a party. And this lyric makes this track also quite strong. I love the Inpetto Remix but the Tommy Trash Remix will also be played on my decks.

I’m also very curious for the Dino Lenny remix that should be upcoming.

Solid Sounds 2008/2

Time for another nice unmixed cd. And this time it’s really a lovely edition of the solid sounds collection. A good mix of all housy genres with a lot of hit-potetial tracks.

Really worth a buy I guess.