New mix and new gear comming soon!

Finally I will be able to use my Serato software as I was planning to over a year ago! With a brand new Macbook and rippin’ all my cd’s and music onto this lovely piece of aluminium I will be able to mix even more freely. To celebrate this happy moment I will thank you guys for all the support with a new mixset. Deadline: the first day of march ’09! But besides these news items I would like to announce that there has grown a nice new club near my home. Club Academy will be open on thursdays, fridays and saturdays.

And there is more! In stead of making boring top-3 posts every month I will put a video on this website with, in my oppinion, the most promissing track of the month. This month a recent rework of one of my all-time favourites. Soulsearchers – I can’t get enough in the Henrik B Remix. Commin’ on Defected soon!

Too much, too little …

Too much work, too little time. That’s the description of my life right now. But as a bright note: I’m playin’ a lot of gigs this month. So in stead of listening my mixes you can hear a lot of grooves live at some parties. I still owe you girls and guys some mixes and stuff. But don’t worry … they will be here, someday :-x. First things first. Updating the calendar, uploading some partypics, writing 2 partyreports and last but not least: make another partyvideo. See you soon, somewhere!

A late update …

After some exams I’ve taken some time to chill out. I didn’t forget you guys here but my planning was a bit on the long road. My poolbar mix will soon be online. In the mean while I’ve also recorded an All-Round Demo too. Not only i’ve been mixing. My producing is back on track and I will soon post some snippets of my recent work.


After the pool bar …

Hi there! I’m back from my holiday and I have updated some stuff on my site already. I posted all my previous gigs in the ‘gigs’ section. I promoted a few new records at ‘new cd or vinyl’ and last but not least I recorded a new mix.

This pool bar mix will be online next week. It holds a few remakes of good old summer classics and a few brand new heating vibes. I like it. I hope you do too ;-).


19th-31st July : Djerba Holiday

I will be unavailable for contact, except by e-mail, during my holiday from the 19th till the 31st of July. I will be back after a hopefuly sunny and relaxing Djerba-visit. Maybe I could write a poolparty gigreport afterwards! See you soon! Keep listening my mixes & send me booking request! 😉 Summer greetings, Desperatozz.

Many Mixes!!!

Hi there again. I’ve uploaded quite all my old mixes. Interested people can download ‘m at the mixezz section. They go back to early 2005 … till present. If you really wanna know a trackname don’t heccitate to contact me. My new mixes each appear in a seperate topic at the same section. Greets Desperatozz

A few notes …

Please be so kind to leave a message at the brand new “Shout It Out”-section. It’s kinda the new guestbook/shoutbox for this website! Further I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve uploaded a short summer mix. A few new nice groovy records to enjoy near a swimming pool or any other party or hot location. Continue reading “A few notes …”