New mix and new gear comming soon!

Finally I will be able to use my Serato software as I was planning to over a year ago! With a brand new Macbook and rippin’ all my cd’s and music onto this lovely piece of aluminium I will be able to mix even more freely. To celebrate this happy moment I will thank you guys for all the support with a new mixset. Deadline: the first day of march ’09! But besides these news items I would like to announce that there has grown a nice new club near my home. Club Academy will be open on thursdays, fridays and saturdays.

And there is more! In stead of making boring top-3 posts every month I will put a video on this website with, in my oppinion, the most promissing track of the month. This month a recent rework of one of my all-time favourites. Soulsearchers – I can’t get enough in the Henrik B Remix. Commin’ on Defected soon!

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