A few notes …

Please be so kind to leave a message at the brand new “Shout It Out”-section. It’s kinda the new guestbook/shoutbox for this website! Further I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve uploaded a short summer mix. A few new nice groovy records to enjoy near a swimming pool or any other party or hot location. And about those mixes … I will soon be uploading – all – my previous mixes too! Even from the early beginning of Desperatozz. Thank my website provider for that!

Some small party reports will also follow in the near future. Atmoz@Ritz and the ‘School’s out for Summer’ Party will be discussed and illustrated with some pictures.

And just for information: don’t be afraid to post a message under each news or information post I make here. So the blog-system isn’t too useless 😉 Groovy greetings by Desperatozz

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